When will we get certificate of Snackdown 2016 ?

When will the teams (advancing from the SnackDown 2016 Qualifiers to further rounds) receive the digital Certificate of Participation from CodeChef ?

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And t-shirts too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anyone get the e-mail for t-shirt? My partner got the e-mail, I didn’t :expressionless:

@rishivikram: When did he receive the e-mail?

All participants will recieve the digital certificate??
or only top 25??

@pranavarora: He told me at 5 AM on 16/7/16.

Hey All, We are in process of developing the interface to give out the digital certificate of participation to everyone moving forward from the Qualifier. Once the interface is ready you will be able to download your certificates. It shouldn’t take too much time and you can expect your certificates soon. Once it is ready, we will be contacting all the eligible participants through email. Kindly be with us till then.

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Any update on the certificates??
Are we even going to get it?

Hey, You certainly will be getting the certificates. You can expect them soon.

Everyone qualifying the qualifier round will be getting the certificates.

i participated elimination round ,so do i enough to get the certificate ?

What about T-shirts?


When can we expect the certificates?