When will the selected team list be announced for kharagpur site?

Does anyone know when will the selected teams be announced for kharagpur site. The results are getting delayed so long and there is no response to the mails as well. Curious as we need to book travel tickets.


no one knows.

What the hell is wrong with icpc kharagpur??? kgp is shittest site among all existing regionals. They don’t respond to mails as well they don’t declare result date.


And it is the first regionals as well :P. They could atleast provide some update or atleast respond to the mails instead of keeping people guessing.

They have answered to my mail.they told that they will upload tonight

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Yeah same they just now replyed to my mail saying results will be uploaded by tonight

Already 10pm now, i think they will do it tomorrow morning

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i got this reply from icpc kharagpur.

The Ranking is already uploaded at (you can check)


There are 85 slots available for onsite contest and the criteria for selecting those 85 teams is already published on acm.iitkgp.ac.in.

So from your Rank and your position in your own college, you can find out yourself whether your team will be selected for the onsite contest.

However the list of selected teams has been forwarded to the web team last night. It will be uploaded on acm.iitkgp.ac.in.

How can we check manually?everybody knows which was given to your mail.i am now feeling very bad to opt this site as my regional

Thats what i am too thinking!!! It was simple waste of 750 rupees.

They are updating the website selection list will be updated soon i guess

results are out. check their site.

can you share link?

i am not able to find it

The site is just updated with no info at all. They have just changed updates to announcements and have added some special effects to 3 menus.



That is ranklist we already have ranklist we want selection list

The results are out.

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Resuts Link: http://acm.iitkgp.ac.in/Selected_Teams.pdf

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