When will the CodeChef Trainer Results be announced?

When will the people who hve been selected to be a part time/ full time trainer of CodeChef be informed?


Today I got a mail from CodeChef stating that their team is currently reviewing all the submissions and the results will be out soon. However, they didn’t provide the exact date for results.


Same here. I am wondering how many people submitted the assignment and how many will get selected? Are they looking for mentors all over India? However Best of Luck to all.


Its highly advisable to not to put a misleading title. This title seems as if results are declared in this post. Please change it appropriately.


@vijju123, you are right. I also misunderstood this post at first.

What is CodeChef Trainer and when was the contest/assignment that is being talked about up there?

is it out Now ?

Did anyone get email for selection?

I emailed them but no reply.

Got a mail from Codechef. Result is expected in the first week of January, 2019.
As they were busy with ICPC regionals.

what is it about ?