When will MAY Lunchtime problems get added in practice session?

Codechef May Launchtime: Why do they make 1 very easy question and 3 that are a thousand times more difficult? It doesn’t make sense. 1000 people solved the first and 1-20 solved each of the others. This way you only sort the very best from the rest, but the rest are sorted only by the speed of solving the first problem and perhaps bruteforsing the 3 diffuclt problems. I don’t like this, the contest needs to be more balanced to be interesting. It is the same as participating in a Topcoder SRM div 1. Boring.


When will they add may lunchtime questions on practice atleast?


@admin, please add the problems AND post the editorials as soon as possible :slight_smile:

i am also waiting when lunchtime question will be added to practice… i solved 2nd question but dont know how to check wheather my solution is working for all cases or not

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The problems have been moved to practice session. We shall pass the feedback on problem difficulty to our problem setting panel and ensure that adequate measures are taken. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

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Ummh…@admin…did i not close this question? XD

May Lunctime’17 problems are finally added to practice area.
Happy CODING !!!

That happened ages and eons ago XD

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