When will May Long Challenge ratings be updated?

@admin : It’s been already 4 days. How long should we wait more? :slight_smile:


They told me that they are having some issue with rejudging of approximation problem and it will takes soms time to update ratings


You have to give admins some time. SnackDown qualifier round is going on. So that should be taken into consideration. Plagiarism may be another issue.

Oh I see :slight_smile:

Snackdown qualifier has nothing to do with rating updation!


To be honest, if just this statement quenches your query, go have a look at contest page for announcements before you create threads :slight_smile:

05/18/2017, 17:20 hrs IST: The challenge problem CHEFBATL has been put for rejudge. And it will take some time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@vijju123 No that obviously doesnt quench my query, I want answer from admin, that is why I have tagged him in this thread!

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@vijju123 And Morever, if you have observe his comment carefully, it seems as if he has contacted Codechef team personally regarding the issue, the team might have replied him which he just wrote above. :slight_smile:

Use the tag ‘admin’ too, it might help (he wont have to open thread to see if hes tagged or not).

TBH, i dont think he will be able to provide exact dates. They never provided even % completion, so msot probably you;d have tow ait till end of month when they update ratings of both altogether.

, it seems as if he has contacted Codechef team personally regarding the issue, 

To be honest, (and not being demeaning to his answer in any way) whether he contacted the codechef team or not adds nothing to his answer as they had already announced that thing under announcements. Then whether he asked them again or not, contacted or not, adds nothing additional to his answer. He just told you what they have announced for all (and nothing which is told explicitly personally to him)

Also, why dont you also contact the team personally by mail too?

@code_hard123 yes i contacted one of the members of codechef team personally

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plagiarism will be an serious issue since the questions were discussed in the forum of codechef which breaks its conduct …they might be taking that into consideration also…
welll waiting and waiting…