When will March cook off ratings be updated?

I read through the older posts that ratings get updated in 8 hours. It is more than 14 hours now and still the ratings haven’t been updated. Could someone let me know if they will be updated or this cook off was unrated?

It will take about a day or two… I suppose.

Yes, this contest will be rated. The delay is mainly due to plagiarism check. Every code is put through automatic as well as manual testing. So the amount taken to update the ratings vary due to the number of participants, etc

The Ratings should be updated in 3-4 days. Although it can take more too. Be patient and keep coding!


Hey All, We are in process of wrapping up the plagiarism detection. You can expect the rating update before the end of the day, today.

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Hey All, the ratings for March Cook-Off 2016 have been updated.