When will Large and Extra T-shirt be available?

I have collected enough Laddus to claim a T-shirt. However, currently the Large and Extra Large T-shirts are out of stock now (for quite some time)

When will Large and Extra T-shirt be available? Is it worth waiting for them to be available?


free advice : never order the bag . It sucks big time .


@sarvagya3943 True That .

Hey zscoder, We are in process of procuring the large and extra large t-shirts, you can expect them soon.

@sarvagya3943, what is it that you did not like about the bag? Care to share your feedback?

It’s been quite a while now (more precisely > 1 month). Are there any news on when the t-shirts of these sizes will get restocked?

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@sarvagya3943 @arunnsit whats wrong with the bag? I’m currently trying to save up for the bag.

@vicennial @admin : The bag is really small. Can’t even fit a big register in that ( I’m not exaggerating ).


Ya it looks really small even in the image in the boy wears it …

Still out of stock :confused:

T shirts are still out of stock!

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Why was he suspended ?