When will Codechef allow C++17

It’s already a long time since Codeforces introduced C++17 on their platform and I think it’s time now that Codechef should also do the same. Sometimes, I write code using structured bindings, decomposition declarations, etc which require c++17.

The largest portion of programming community is from C++ background as far as I know and it’s a language that almost everyone has experience with.



Of course, they will introduce C++17 here. By the time C++20 would already have been released.


As far as I know codechef uses SPOJ, so C++17 it will be introduced on codechef as soon as it will be introduced on SPOJ.

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@vijju123 Must know

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Nopes, I dont xD

@viv_nitp I don’t think thats the case as spoj doesn’t have pypy3 yet but codechef has it.


I look forward to using C++17 here.

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