when rank be updated for long, short, lunchtime contest of this month ?

today is 28th Feb, last day of feburary… even till now rank has not been updated… please update as soon as poosible


This delay in updation of ranks is because this time, the Long contest ended way too late (19th February). Originally it was supposed to have ended on 13th February. We know this happened because CodeChef wanted us to get problems which weren’t already directly available on the internet, in the pursuit of it’s goal of “learning while competing”. Presenting a problem which was already available beforehand kind of defeated the purpose. But of course if you did those cancelled problems on your own, well done. Note that 6 days of extension will obviously lead to more number of submissions, all of which would have to be tested for plagiarism.

Furthermore, CodeChef organized the February Cook-off on the same day when Long ended. Because of this, they now have to deal with both Long and Cook-off submissions, which will of course take time.

Basically what I mean is, have some patience :stuck_out_tongue:


Ratings aren’t running anywhere dear. Since the Long contest ended 6 days late, at least give them 6 extra days. It will be updated eventually.

What I am more concerned for is when will editorials get posted…:stuck_out_tongue:

Even the editorials are not posted yet That’s more important I guess…


Hey all, we regret the delay in updating the ratings for February contests, we have run into some technical problem with our plagiarism detection mechanism and hence the delay. As for the editorials, the editorialist is working on them and they should be up soon. Kindly be with us till then.


Hope editorials come soon. Thanks for updation!

@admin Please don’t forget about Dec-Long Editorials! I am even waiting for it.