When does my rating and rank get updated?

This was the first time I took part in a CodeChef competition. When I go to my account, my rank is NA and rating is 0. Below that is written Oops! We didn’t find any country code for you. So is something wrong with my account or will these details get updated soon?
If soon, then how soon?

ratings update within 2-3 days after the completion of the contest…!!!

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Hi Vasuchat, We have calculated the ratings for May Challenge 2014 you can check yours now. If you find any discrepancies feel free to get in touch with us. :slight_smile:

Jan CookOff ratings are updated bunt Long rating are not update till now. I solved more problems this time and expecting a jump in my long ratings. I request you kindly please update JAN17 long ratings.

@abhishekg1128 It will definitely get updated. Dont worry.