When does my program's timer start?

Suppose i wrote a program which tells whether a number is prime or not.
Before taking any input, my program creates a list of all the prime numbers in the range of possible input values (eg. 0<input<1000).
After that it takes input and prints the result.
When i submit this solution, how will codechef judge calculate the time taken by my program? i.e.
Time taken to output the answer since the program started or time taken since it asked for input?

I may not be fully correct here(something may be missing), but what I think is that depends on your compiler that whether your computation is occurring at compile time or run time. If the computation makes use of all constant values(does not require any value from the input at run time), the compiler optimizations will occur during translation time. Thus, time required for initially storing will not be included. But lets say, you take some input, find maximum of those , then compute the values for all possible input values till that maximum, and then output in constant time. The time for this evaluation will be included in your execution time .

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