Whatsapp Group of Competitive Programmers and Discussion forum

Sorry but entries are over for the group

But you can discuss problems in this forum.

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Please don’t discuss problems of running contest or else you can be kicked out.

and also be reported to codechef*

As I recited my doubt earlier, why not discuss forum here itself? What advantage does watsapp have over it? I am sure @admin would be more than happy to help if anything is needed here.


Agree with @vijju123

Want to add one more point. Many may not want to share their contact no. Also, discuss has much better response than any whatsapp group can ever have.

From discuss u can cover more doubts from more number of people… also U ll get a variety of answers for ur doubts… so discuss.codechef can be more useful…

@vijju123 @taran_1407

But as I have some great whatsapp groups for programming in my college which really helped me to get one on one instant and on the go help and what topics to read to solve questions and various other strategies, hence I find whatsapp group to be a great place for small discussions.

Also that I have friends in other colleges too and they also have their own programming groups,hence I came with an idea of bringing all those students and group members together to help each other.

Anyone interested can join the group and we can for sure use this forum for discussions.

@vijju @taran_1407 @l_returns

I also like to add that many times we(2/3/4 star coders) don’t get reply in these forums I don’t know why.

And in whatsapp you can become somewhat frank and can do coding with making friends and fun.

I like making friends… I actually have some friends… whom I never met but we became friends through codechef :smiley:

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Well, afaik its most 0-2 star coders who dont get reply here. And thats either because of issue in asking (no question link, only a bunch of code ill-formatted) or because its something answered too many times earlier

That being said, I feel using this thread for posting questions and having discussion would be quite productive. I mean, I cant imagine myself typing that much on phone for one thing. What if you want to share a piece of code? Some things are a mess in phone,copy paste feature being one thing

You can become frank here as well. I dont remember myself saying you cant chill here.

Well @vijju123 we don’t post the codes instead provide links of codes and topics to study and motivating others. We also give questions so that novice coders can do it. And I asked some of the members and they are really appreciating my idea and want to help others.

Some said that asking again and again here seems awkward for them and it is easier in a chat form. Also you keep updated through notifications.

I think you should also try

I agree with your point also but I think it is all about two different opinions. Some are comfortable in a chat group(should be monitored) and some in forums.

We can start a discussion forum here also. The ultimate motive is getting help and helping others as much as possible.

I think every1 can have their own opinions.

I actually like the whatsapp idea,there’s nothing wrong in one more way to talk abt stuffs apart from discuss.

Whatsapp has notifications which makes it a bit easier,though i agree discuss is great in itself.

I really would suggest good coders trying out.

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I thought its would have code sharing - thats why I preferred discuss. If its giving links and helping out like that, I think watsapp can also do good. Lets try :slight_smile:

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Any Link For Any Of Such Groups ??

you can mail @vijju123 as he is admin.

Hey I also like the idea about a whatsapp group because i am more frequent on whatsapp than discuss xD. So is it functional or it was just an idea? If there is a group I would like to join :smiley:

U can mail @vijju123 ,he is the admin