Whatsapp group for competitive programming

Sorry but entries are over for the group

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Whatsapp group shows its full,can u do something here?Like creating second group or so?


how about the using flock - also a product of directi and no limit on group members

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why u guyss not let other to share interview problem…i waanna share sm problem too

please create another group this group is full

Telegram group is okay

Why not have that discussion here itself on discuss? Mobile and other such groups are not very engaging for discussion if you have to type a lot. Why not use this thread itself? :slight_smile:

Telegram is nice i have joined in that group.Really nice idea.

that’s a channel only. I have a telegram for this.

Here is the link for a telegram group for the same.

While the whattsapp group is full.

will you add me if i give you my number?

There is a new whatsapp group. If you want you can join using link I have provided.

Discord Server for Competitive Programmers.
Invite Link: https://discord.gg/8z4czAd


Hello all ,
First of all I am sorry for being late to get
the notification about the WhatsApp group,as I was busy in problem setting,I also wish to join this group if possible .
I am wondering about the link , can u please provide that ( WhatsApp group join link ) once more here.