what's wrong in my code for factorial question?

int main()
long int T,i;
int a[100000];
}return 0;

the RE that u r getting is due to the wrong use of scanf…it should be:-


also rethink on ur logic…:slight_smile:

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why did you divide by 5?

for example 6! has 1 zero and 10! has 2 zeros.Bcz we had 1 multiple of 5 in 6! and 2 multiples of 5 in 10!.Since we can have 2 multiples of 2 for every multiple of 5 we can get a 10 with one multiple of 5.

with this logic see if u r getting the correct ans for 100…by ur logic it should be 20…but the ans is 24…see the sample test cases…:slight_smile: