What's happening on codechef ?

In today’s lunchtime contest , the site got offline for 10-15 minute .
I click on poster of november cook-off on home-page , then october challenge pops up .
I tried to open the today’s lunch question, It’s show "You are not authorized to access this page. " message . What’s going on …??? Guys if your are facing any such problem just post your answer.


@sp1rs do you think that codechef dont know their mistakes, you should not be so much critic about this. If you can’t do good for this community at least support them, they are trying their best to provide us a good programming platform.


@bright_coder : I just want that codechef should remove this type of small mistake .

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Same here, I cannot access the exercise problems.

I also cannot open the problems for the same reason, and I don’t know why…

Well @sp1rs,

Had you read what was posted on the FB page and maybe you wouldn’t be commenting such things:

about an hour ago near Mumbai, India
We are experimenting a few things on our database and hence the site will remain offline for some time. Please bear with us.”

So, not only do they know what’s going on as they are possibly working towards a solution, so please do not be so critic towards a community which is giving you the possibility to learn more than you would ever be able to learn on any university course related to algorithms…




@sp1rs We should always seek opportunities to learn from such a good platform like codechef instead of criticizing them. If something went wrong then they must be aware of it.


what i feel is that :->users will not be impatient if codechef tell there users what problem they are facing.I am not asking them to disclose there problem openly but can atleast tell in approximately how many days will this problem end(can also provide us with daily update)…


We regret the goof-ups and are working to make the entire process a lot smoother. We have fixed the banner mistake. Now, can you tell us which problem were you trying to access when you got that message? We will look into it and will get back with proper reason.

I am not criticizing codechef. They are indeed doing really a great job. But, many would be under impression that everyone has a FB account. I don’t, have deleted nearly a year ago. I think, the announcement should go on the website atleast. And who in middle of all the tension of a contest will go and check their FB :wink:

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When I try to enter the practice problems page, I get “You are not authorized to access this page.” Why?..

@nikitha: It happens sometimes…maybe some serer error…please check the above comment…Codechef is simply awesome.Please dont criticize it.Instead give suggestions on how to improve them…:slight_smile:

Neither do I. The contests don’t run of FB, they run on Codechef. That’s why any announcements should be, first and foremost, on this site.