What will happen ?

Hello everyone,

I have a query in my mind… What will happen if any user comes first in top contributer list of month?

Is he/she will be awarded by prizes ?

Thanks in advance!!!

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@a1tiwari_ top 5 cntributors of every month awarded by goodie ,it may be a pendrive or something else but mostly time thr is Codechef T-shirts . as mentioned by @vineetpaliwal

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@chandan11111 : Thanks for your answer. Because i also want to know this. Thanks again.

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my pleasure :slight_smile:

pls go through the ques which have been already asked…stop asking duplicate ques…!!!

pls see this…http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/11491/is-there-prize-for-the-monthly-winners-in-codechef