What to prepare in this 2 Weeks?

We are left with only 2 Weeks for INOI. Can anyone suggest me on what and how should i do in this 2 weeks?

What i already know is Basics of C & C++,Binary Search & Sorting.

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You can start with DP and Graphs which are the most useful topics for INOI and they come every year. So you can practice DP from a topcoder tutorial and Graphs too.
Wish you all the best

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Pretty much everything regarding INOI has been already asked on CodeChef so I will provide you with the important links.

You should start preparing DP and Graph theory which are generally asked in INOI (Topics Frequently Asked in INOI) and also start learning STL (link). And also get used to with the Data Structures that you will be requiring in INOI and in its preparation (link), which you will be using mostly from STL.

You may join the Commonlounge community (INOI Preparation Tips 1) of ICO Online Judge and IOI which contain helpful tips and hints to almost all previously asked questions. Here is another link about which are topics one should master in graph theory and how should one learn DP and graphs. Here are more links regarding preparation for INOI : Preparation link 2, Preparation Link 3

In the end I would suggest you to start solving previous INOI problems which will give you a good exposure to the problems asked in INOI and also suggest you to practice DP heavily! Also look at the links which I have given, they also contain useful info. about INOI preparation. And Commonlounge is also a great place so get registered there.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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There are some basic algorithms and data structures that are frequently encountered in competitive programming. I suggest that you read some articles on codeaccepted.wordpress.com
There are ~15 articles on some beginner level stuff. I couldn’t find the time to write lately, but IMHO the ones already there should be helpful.

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