What should codechef do to avoid delay in short contest?

Codechef should first test there questions and then upload in any contest specially COOKOFF’s and LUNCHTIME. COOKOFF 67(FEB 16) was the recent contest in which problems were not loading even after 15 minutes into the contest. It has not happened the first time. It usually happens every 3rd-4th contest especially in the first 15 mins.
To avoid these situations, I have a suggestion that Codechef should upload pdf of all questions when the contest begin, so that it is easy for them as it reduces server traffic on one question and is convenient for the users as well.

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It is really a nice idea. At least the problem statements will be with us. But the same thing may happen at the time of submission.

The pdf files will in fact not reduce load on the server. Our current scenario has an server handling too many requests. The proposed scenario will still have a server handling all those requests, and sending pdf responses.

In fact, serving HTML is much easier than a pdf response.


To handle too many request Codechef should increase the number of servers of servers. By providing pdf, users can easily see all the questions and choose which one to code for there by saving there time and contest become more challenging.

That’s a problem but still number of users submitting a question at the same time will be quite less as compare to number of users reading that question.

I understand your concern ishpreet, and it is well meaning. But providing a pdf to users is too expensive an operation. Interactivity through HTML cannot be rivaled by pdf docs either.

We need to increase the load capacity in servers, either by renting better machines or renting more machines. Converting an HTML doc to PDF can be done by the contestant himself. Important here is sending the information to the contestant, which is done best using HTML.


I hope that Codechef will take this issue seriously and avoid such situations in future and thanks @gkcs.

How about doing something like Codeforces

  1. When the contest starts .It should automatically redirect to easiest problem(set according to the author).So many people will be reading the first problem instead of refreshing the main contest page.So actually it saves the need to reload the main contest page and find the easiest problem by opening problems on different tabs and reloading the main page again and again to find the easiest problem by checking the number of successful submissions on all problems(Yes many people do that and its quite a problem).

  2. Those who wish to solve any other problem first other than this can simply click the link that leads them to the main contest page.