What Language I should learn?

Hi there…
I know there are alot of people around here coding, programming and doing all kinda cool stuff for years but I am kinda new and just started to learn C++ after one semester someone told me that you should try some other language which have a future so I searched alot and selected Web Development than I decided to keep Python, PHP and Java with Web development. I also read about the XAMARIN Cross Plotform Development.

The thing I am looking for is that please someone tell me did I make the right choice or not.
Right now I am so much confused. Please help me out.

Stick with c++ for a few months more and solve some problems. It’ll build up your logics which will help you further in your career. Then if you want to switch to web development, you can start PHP, as this is the most common language for web development

where can i practice c++. Any suggestions…

you can practice here:

CodeChef Beginner Problems

URI Online Judge(Beginner)

C++ is the best because it will teach you to create classes with logic. Afterward you can switch to any languages.

Be careful that you don’t select web development for the sake of it.

well…everything depends for what purpose you are learning to code…if you are looking for a scripting language used for front-end development, JavaScript is your choice…that’s why i chose it when i first came to essay.expert and wanted to advance my career…actually this article talks about the purposes of various languages…think you may find it interesting

basically C++ is what you should focus on first.You can also learn python which is also good to learn