What kind of judge should i use if i want to upload a problem with multiple output possible.

I have created a constructive algorithm question in which multiple answers are possible and the user can print any one of them. A condition is to be met that i need to check so i need to know how to upload testcases inputs and output of that question since normal input output only checks the user’s o/p to the given o/p but dont checks the condition so please help me regarding that.

You can right a checker code in this case. This is possible on mostly all the platforms. Inputs are normal. Outputs can be read by a script and then your algorithm can be applied to check.

I have done this on Hackerrank. I don’t know how Codechef works.

@vichitr can you tell me how you did on hackerrank as i am unable to do that in hackerrank also

Once you create a problem then you get an option of custom checker. In custom checker, you can edit a function called run_custom_checker. By default that function just compares the whole output line by line.

If you need any assistance, i can share my checker code here.

Or drop me an email on [vichitrgandas@gmail.com], I would send you the screenshot.