What kind of comment should I post on the problem page?

Is there any comment posting guideline? I am new on this website. I have so many doubts while I participate in a contest. Can I ask them on the problem page by posting a comment? Will I be banned for asking something which is not relevant?


Comments are a mechanism for the users to interact with the problem setting panel, the admins and other users to get their queries answered. Hence, it is important that the users are responsible while posting a comment so that those who answer the comments have to go through only meaningful and less number of comments. The likelihood of getting a reply to your comment also gets increased in such a scenario.

We have observed that a huge number of comments are being posted during our contests which are not relevant and could be avoided. It makes the life of our problem setters very difficult as they have to scan through all such comments to reply to only the ones which are relevant.

Hence we have come up with a comment posting guidelines which we expect each one of us to adhere to.

During a live/running contest:

  • You cannot share your logic, answer, input, code, hint, algorithm, etc.

  • You cannot share the run-time or space complexity of your solution.

  • You cannot ask hints to solve the problem.

  • You cannot ask more test cases.

  • You cannot ask for help for finding bugs in your code.

  • Do not comment if it is absolutely not necessary to do so.

  • Read all the previously posted comments for a problem before posting your comment to avoid asking the same query twice.

  • Read our FAQ thoroughly before asking a question. If the FAQ does not have your question answered, only then post your query.

  • You can post questions regarding any clarification in the problem statement. However, please read the problem statements multiple times before posting your query. We take great care in trying to come up with unambiguous problem statements and most of the times it has been found the query asked is answered by a careful reading of the problem statement.

  • Your comment should be relevant to the page on which you are posting it.

  • Any question or query that is not relevant to the problem or the page that you are on, you should not post it as a comment there. All such questions should be asked in this forum.

The following rules must be adhered to for posting any comments across the website. Users not doing so may face permanent suspension from the website.

  • Posting of any filthy, inappropriate or abusive language is strictly prohibited.

  • Any advertisement or marketing content is not allowed.

  • Spamming the comments section will not be accepted under any circumstances.


And what about “Java is too slow for this problem (TLE), same algorithm in C/C++ works fine.” hint? I think, it is similar to “Warning: large Input/Output data, be careful with certain languages” warning. Because there are such problems, in which time limit multiplication is not enough. And if someone is programming only in Java he/she has no chance to solve such problem, so this hint simply tells “skip this one”.


According to this rules, is there something that I can ask?


whr wrong answer?


Please post questions on a relevant thread. Do not post code here. Give a link to your submission.



why wrong answer???

@belista: Yes. Any dis-ambiguity in the problem statements. Anything that you cannot understand and which cannot be genuinely found elsewhere.


Yes, but when I want to describe the dis-ambiguity I prefer to show it using some example test case and that’s agains “share hints” and “share input” rules…


How do I format a comment to include line breaks, for example? HTML is not allowed.


why wrong answer is giving even if i am getting expected outputs on every test cases


This thread is wrong place to ask such question, ask it on your problem tutorial page, please.

Queries regarding input-Output constraints or regarding unclear problem statements can be asked and are almost always answered by the admin.

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Please, ask on editorial thread - http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/4446/granama-editorial

it’s markdown syntax. You can add double spaces and a traditional line break(\n) at the end of a line and a will be inserted.



int function(int n)
return (function(n-1)+factor(n-1));
return 0;

int factor(int n)
int p=1,i,power=0;
return p;

int main()
int t,n,i,a=0;

return 0;

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Can I ask whether certain input (not contained in the sample input) is valid for the problem?

Please notify if my comment/query is blocked from the contest page. At least I will not wait for the answer and post a more refined comment.

Or maybe the setter can post a comment with a modified form of query which is “acceptable”, along with the answer.


Please correct russian statements. On main page its written that objects indexes starts from 1, but russian statement claims that from 0.