What is wrong with the editorials?

I have been noticing that in most of the editorials, the links to setter’s, tester’s and editorialist’s solutions are broken and show the following message:

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


    <Message>Access Denied</Message>
        *some ID*

Why does this keep happening to so many editorials?

Moreover, so many problems don’t even have editorials. Below are few of the MANY problems that don’t even have editorials when it’s mentioned in the rules for hosting the contest that the problem setter should provide an editorial. Few probelms are even from previous long challenges.


Actually all problems from CDON15

All the LOC contests
All ICPC preparatory contests
And the list goes on.

It is very difficult to read others’ codes and understand the concept the problem requires :frowning: Many of these are quality problems and introduce some new concepts that a novice programmer might not have. And editorials do a good job at explaining the solution. Even if it is not possible to walkthrough the problem even providing a hint or basic idea could help out. Its frustrating to try a problem for hours only to realize that now I have to read the code to be able to solve it. Also, it’s unreasonable to skip the problems that don’t have editorials and filter out problems with editorials for practice.

Thank you in advance whoever answers to my problem. :slight_smile:


Maybe CODECHEF is busy in preparing for ICPC qualifier round, so it’s hard for them to post the code for the editorials.

Some of the problems I listed were made in 2015.
And codechef isn’t responsible for the editorials, the organizers of the contest are. My question is, why are they allowed to host contests without editorials when it’s clearly mentioned in the rules that they have to post editorials for the contests they organize.

For the first part (related to access denied and stuff), from what we know, the procedure of uploading the code on link is a cumbersome process.

I distinctly remember @errichto quoting that they themselves hate the process, but have no solution for that right now and are thinking of how to fix it. (Details of process werent mentioned)