What is wrong with my code for calculating factorials?

Here’s the code :

#include <stdio.h>
int main (void)
    int x, y, z;
    z = 1;
    scanf ("%i", &x);
    for (x; x > 0; --x)
 	    scanf ("%i", &y);
	    for (y = 1; y; ++y)
	 	    z = z * y;
	    printf ("%i\n", &z);

    return 0;

Please don’t give me the solution. I am new to programming and I haven’t learn’t anything except loops and if else statements.

@gautam94: I think you want to find the factorial for the given x numbers.

  1. in y loop for(;y>1;y–) z=z*y;

  2. z=1 each time in the x loop

  3. print just ‘z’ , & is used to get the address of an operator.

welcome to programming :slight_smile:

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http://ideone.com/TtLpi6 Weird output.

This was the output when I ran it on my PC(GCC 4.6.2)


@gautam94: Correction in the above code whose ideone link you have posted:

Well, you’re almost there. You don’t have to use “&” operator while printing. The “weird” output is basically printing the address reference of that particular variable.
In short, use:

<pre>  printf ("%i\n", z); 

If you use:

<pre>  printf ("%i\n", &z); 

then it will print the address of z. and yeah your code produces correct output after this midification :slight_smile:


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