What is Time to run in email?

Hi, I keep getting time limit exceeded. After submitting I get an email back with some “Time to run”, what does this “Time to run” mean? I keep getting 2.01s.

Submission Time: 2013-07-07 15:45:43 IST
Submission Status: Time Limit Exceeded
Time to run: 2.01sec
Memory consumed: 34368KB
Language submitted in: HASK

In the forum I found that it is supposed to be when the execution is killed due to that the time limit is exceeded, but on the problem I’m doing the time limit is 2-7 seconds ( http://www.codechef.com/problems/A6 ).

see the time limit 2-7 means that the test files will be given time between 2-7 secs for the execution…i.e. some may be allotted say…2 secs,some be be allotted 3 secs…and some be be allotted maybe more than that…and the max any file has is 7secs…!!!

and as the file exceeds its limit…it stops execution and shows a TLE verdict…!!!

in your case that particular file is taking more than is alloted time that is 2 secs…so it is showing a TLE…with a time of 2.01 secs…as…as soon as the time crossed 2 secs and reached 2.01 it became greater than 2 and execution was stopped!!!