What is this?? "♦♦"

darkshadows :diamonds::diamonds: betlista :diamonds::diamonds:

why do these people have those “:diamonds::diamonds:” at the end of their names??

did u ever have the same doubt?

I guess… (o_O) They are Diamond :diamonds::diamonds: hearted people. :slight_smile:

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I got some time ago admin privileges in forum, because I’m here so often… It doesn’t work like karma, that one day you will have those. I reported bugs to CodeChef team, that they decided to grant me admin privileges in the forum. It is a big responsibility I have privileges like banning users, giving karma editing/deleting/undeleting everything, but I’m not using those too often.

One diamond is also stronger user but I do not know the difference exactly.

It’s only for a forum, I cannot see test cases, prepared problems (thankfully, otherwise I cannot compete), also I’m not that kind of admin approving the comments on problem statement pages… Also when you click report button under the post, I’m not notified…


Thanks a lot for sharing

This means… those users are superusers or admin you can say! :slight_smile:

just out of curiosity @betlista what bugs did you reported