what is this error SIGXFSZ


The output file is of fixed size. When your program prints beyond this limit, You get this error.

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consider this example:

  1. value set 1, 2,3
  2. we want to subsequently output each value in our set until we reach 3
  3. one way to accomplish this task is by using an input and output stream to like so,

while (numSeq != 4) { // current value: 1
cin>>numSeq; //(this line)
//if you don’t include an input stream(this line) or a way to reaccess our value set/value source(by default, our keyboard) inside your while loop your program will crash because we will never get to 4 since the next value (2) will never get pushed or inserted into our cout stream or destination(computer screen) when the program loops again and the condition will always be true.
//so the program will output 111111111111111111111111…output file size exceeded! and you will get a Runtime Error

note: keyboard and computer screen are included to give you a better understanding of input/output streams.

I hope this helps.

best of luck.