What is the Star Mark around many users here?

Why I don’t have that?

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Star mark represent user’s contest ratings. You can see the graph on your profile page that’s the rating’s graph.

For example, I have 3 stars, the stars represent that I have ratings in the range of 1600 to 1800.

Once you start participating in CodeChef’s rated contests you can gain or lose ratings(based on your performance), then you’ll have your own stars.

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I have many questions. Should I post them at once or each question at a time?

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One at a time, in separate threads (if unrelated). If related, many Q per thread are allowed.

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You can post one question at a time but remember don’t post duplicates and don’t forget to google them before posting.

not relevant … for this , you better read codechef’s blog … they have explained everything . don’t post these spams

What do you mean by Spam? Why -2? I don’t get it?

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questions that are not relevant to this forum … limit it to asking coding problems … check FAQS section for all other doubts

Sorry Mate, I got pissed off. I have returned the favor to you and all other people who have helped me from Yesterday! I have read CodeChef Guidelines!

It’s a spam