What is the star after some people in the discuss section

I find a few people with a star like symbol after their name??
What is that??
How can we get that?


Those people are forum admins, be aware that it is not the same as global admins, we cannot see test files and other things under the hood. We have some additional privileges, like ban user for example or delete posts.

One day I got that e-mail from CodeChef team:

We deeply appreciate what you have been doing and because of your continuous effort towards making the community a better place, we have granted you a “Super User” status. Now you have all the powers that an admin has. And we hope that you will exercise the power judiciously.

I think that there is nothing special you can do, no condition to fullfil to get the star (or two).


who are you?? 2 star??.. How can we get the star?

Please ask in one comment if possible, I updated the answer, but maybe @admin will add some details.

AFAIK actually editorialists cannot get goodies, but there are other instrument to achieve this - community wiki, we can, but I think that @admin is an exception.