what is the ranking mechanism for Codevita VI?

You may discuss the mechanism used in previous seasons.

Hi, for ranking, they consider number of solved problems(completely, partially) and time of solving(time penalty). For each problem, there will be an independent timer(something like topcoder). That is, if you open a problem a timer starts for that particular problem.

They first rank by number of completely solved problems. In case of ties, they consider scores for partially solved problems. Even then, in case of ties, they consider time penalty which is I believe sum of time penalties of individual problems. Time penalty for a problem is difference of time at first accepted submission and time at which you opened that problem. There will be no penalties for Wrong answers, TLE’s, RTE’s etc

Hope it helps. But still if you are not clear, you can post the same question here. You might get better answer(s).



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By the way, Good Luck and Have Fun!!

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