What is the best way to learn Android Development?


I’ve been programming java for more than a year now and started the basics of android development since it is purely java so it wasn’t difficult to begin. however, what are the websites that you recommend for me to learn and practice coding for android?!

Also, does code chef have any problems that i can practice on for android?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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for learning android you can refer to developer.android.com . Its a great resource.

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There is another cool website with videos for android development (about 200 videos- really short videos though!), i havent gone through but a few of their other videos i viewed seemed awesome! the guy is really good at whatever he makes. have a look and hope it helps! :slight_smile:
heres the link: http://www.thenewboston.org/list.php?cat=6

I use these two websites,easy to learn and good examples are there.



  1. developer.android.com is a must read if you are doing android development . It also has download pages for SDK and javadocs of API’s . It also has very important tutorials .
  2. Also you should watch the videos by Google which you can find at youtube . There is an annual event called Google I/O in which they introduce key aspects of technolgies they are developing . Android is one of them . So search for “android , google I/O” and you will find a lots of videos . There are videos for every year the event was held . If you find learning by watching videos useful then let me know and I will tell you which videos are good starters and which are more advanced and which pertain to which aspects etc .
  3. If you like learning by reading a book then “Professional Android 4 Application Development” by Roto Meier by Wrox Publishers is very good .
  4. If you need good answers to your questions , just search on google and look particularly for those search results which are from www.stackoverflow.com . This has really good quality answers . If you dont’ find answers by google search , post your questions at www.stackoverflow.com and someone will answer your question .
  5. I am working as a Lead Engineer in Android Development . I haven’t had a look at sites suggested by @saikarthik and @maheshksd , but will have a look at them soon and will give you my review about them also .

if you google “android tutorial” First result is, 1.vogella. then 2.mkyong also at top 5, both are easy to understand with examples.which is very important for beginners and i am also using developer.android.com