What is it at the end of codechef pages?

I see something like this at the end of every page in codechef.

TRACE: cc-strike start
TRACE: you are logged in
TRACE: cc-strike end
DEBUG divToAdd.length (1)=0
DEBUG divToAdd.length (2)=0
DEBUG: url='http://www.codechef.com/NOV13/problems/MCHAIRS'
DEBUG: ending processProfilePage, url matched

Just wanted to know what these meant? :stuck_out_tongue: Asking just out of curiosity. Sorry if it is not the right place to discuss it.

This looks like an extension, most probably striking off problems extension. Can you share the screenshot? Or can you check and tell what extensions are you using right now?

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Oh yeah… I was using strike through extension for firefox… Dint realize that. Thanks for the clarification :smiley: