What is CodeChef Discuss?

I am new to CodeChef. Can somebody help me understand what is this CodeChef discuss?

As the name suggests, it is a place for the CodeChef community to discuss their queries and get them resolved. It is meant to be a community driven forum. It has a Question and Answer style, where you can get your questions answered, suggest edits to questions or answers and help fellow programmers out of their trouble by answering their questions. The community votes for your contribution, that results in karma points and badges and some bragging rights for you! We believe, with the help of Discuss we can bring a larger community together for solving their queries related to programming.

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codechef discuss is the platform at which all your problems can be solved by your fellow coders. your questions,doubts can be solved without concerning to an expert.even your contribution to this platform does not go in vain,you earn karma points which helps to access certain privileges. here also you get new social coding group to make you better in programming.