What is Ad-hoc?

I have been through lots of posts (like: TABLET - Editorial, TYPING - Editorial), with a tag ‘Ad-hoc’ pinned to them. What does that mean at all?

The literal meaning according to Google is ‘when necessary or needed’, but I think it don’t that helps here.

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EDIT: BTW, what is community wiki?

generally, the observation-based question which sometimes requires very basic maths or very basic algorithms, implementation is marked as ad-hoc.


Ad-hoc in the domain of competitive programming means that question does not require any prerequisite knowledge of any algorithm or data strucutre or high level mathemtatical concept; and can be solved using basic logical skills or sometimes even by common sense.

So, many beginner level questions come with ad-hoc tag (-From Quora)

Next the for term community wiki refer.Here

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Why don’t they just use ‘none’?

Thanks anyway!