What is a Set under the account "My Set"

I have not noticed it so keenly till now, what is a Set under the account “My Set”, what is the difference between a Set and a Team.


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In a set, you can add people who are your friends or classmates or whatever you just need their username and compare your performance. But a team is built for participating in any contest(s). A set keeps all people together so that you can keep an eye on their ratings and performance in any contest(s).

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If my memory serves right, it has been asked before. Please try searching forums first so we can avoid duplicate Q the max we can :slight_smile:



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You can form sets to add programmers, anyone on codechef, might be friends, relative, enemy or your inspiration! Sets are kept private, only you can see them.

This is how I organize my sets.

alt text

Create and organise your sets at www.codechef.com/sets

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