What is a community wiki?

I am confused between a community wiki and a normal post? What is the difference between the two?

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You can refer about community wiki in here. The points mentioned in the link apply to CodeChef Discuss as well.

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My opinion is, that editorial question should NOT be marked as community wiki, because editorial writers deserves the points when someone vote up the editorial…


@betlista : But editorial writing is a paid job . Are we not already rewarding them well enough .

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Awarding karma is not a monetary issue. I think the editors are already privileged enough than other users in the discuss community. So, it doesnot matters whether we award them or not. If I am wrong anywhere please correct. :slight_smile:

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In fact I think those two are distinct rewards and karma is also feedback to CodeChef.

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@bit_cracker007 , @betlista : The top 5 contributors ( by karma ) are awarded codechef goodies every month . If editorial writers , problem setters and testers gain karma by answering things they are paid for , they get double award . Because for a current contest problem 100’s of people are interested and may upvote . However , a person who helps 50 different people in debugging solutions to 50 different problems may work very hard and still lose the top contributor goodie to a organizer who just contributed on may be one problem or two . I , however , do agree that some sort of feedback mechanism needs to be in place . So may be these organizers can get karma also but they should be banned from top contributor goodies for the month in which they have done their paid job . That way active testers , setters and editorialists who give us such nice contests will gain karma also , get feedback also ( by amount of karma they received ) and also get their cash award for the job and still keep the window open to other contributors to get goodies .


Ok, but those people can be skipped in this list of top competitors to be awarded with goodie. I agree, that for long contest that can be a bunch of people, but my opinion is that they deserve karma too…

Was not aware. +1 for info!! :slight_smile:

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@bit_cracker007: the question if it is a good answer to original question, both @vineetpaliwal’s answers are more or less just comments… :smiley: Maybe the correct thing to do is to convert my first question to separate question when we have such nice discussion here…

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Yeah i’m agree, but how’s it possible to make the answers of @vineetpaliwal travel from one post to other?

I have such privileges, but I’m trying not to overuse those…

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How many minimum karma points should we own to edit community wiki post in codechef discussion session?


Its 750 afaik. source

quoting it-

“Minimum reputation to edit wiki posts

Hope it helps!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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