What if I see bad things happening?

I am seeing a lot of spam posts with no action being taken about it. Also I am seeing a lot of random discussions and problem solving strategies being discussed here during a contest. Can I do something about it?


CodeChef Discuss is driven by its community of users, so if you see any wrongdoing in the community you shall immediately click on the report link below the post or report it to us by sending an email to feedback@codechef.com. Anything that is getting consistently flagged by our community members will be investigated and followed up on. Clicking on the report link generates negative karma for the post author. We actively moderate our community, but we also need your help to do so.


What if “wrongdoing” is asked on problem statement post? It would be fine if there is report button too :wink:


@betlista: Yes you are right. However, we do not have that feature. What we do is provide moderation rights to the contest moderators who can delete a comment. In case you still find something wrong, there you can always bring it to our notice by sending an email to feedback@codechef.com. We shall be acting immediately.

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if a person wrongly penalized what he can do???

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You need to write to us at feedback[at]codechef[dot]com and we will help you with it.


go to your email and send user name in



send user name by your email at “feedback@codechef.com

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@admin @vipin123 …thank you…

no problem pro

Hey That’s a good question:-

For This You Have To Follow This Instructions Given Below:-

1.Go To Your Email Account

2.Send Username who has done wrong work to feedback@codechef.com