What if I don't get a good answer?

I strive hard to ask a question, but I don’t any satisfactory answer for it. Can you please explain what should I do to get a good answer?

The CodeChef community is driven by enthusiastic programmers like you. So, if you don’t get a good answer for your question, make sure you have a good question. To get better answers, you may need to put additional effort into your question. Edit your question to provide status and progress updates. Document your own continued efforts to answer your question. This will naturally bump your question and get more people interested in it.

And I’ll add: “NEVER ask the SAME question multiple times!!!”, we will delete such questions (sooner or later).

You don’t need karma to edit own questions, so do it if you feel, you can make it better.


Then Ask the question again it might work , but generally I’d consider using that thing more than VERY rarely to be adamant: Obviously most people are going to want THEIR questions to be answered, but we certainly don’t want them re-asking the same questions every three days just to get more answers to something that maybe no one is actually interested (or possibly competent) in,just try to clarify what you want to know ,you answer definitely should be answered to its best.

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make sure that you ask the problem clearly.That might be the one of the reasons you are not getting appropriate answers to your question. questions must be easily understandable to everyone.This might help you.