What IDE should I use for java ?

I know this is not a technical questions, but I need some guidance from java users. Till today, I have done all my coding in C/C++ using CodeBlocks. CB is the best till now for C++, or is there any other tool also available with same charm level for C++ ?
I am going to learn java by doing some codechef questions. Can somebody guide me about the IDE that I should use ?
I know about DrJava and Eclipse but I really cant compare them, It would be helpful if someone can provide the details about the usage of the recommended IDE.
Thanks in advance.

Since you are starting your programming in java,i would recommend NetBeans

For C++ u can use Visual Studio , for Java Eclipse is good and there’s also IntelliJ every IDE does the same thing .

Eclipse will be tough to learn . Use BlueJ .It is child’s play to use it for java. It is available on both linux and windows.


If you’re a Java beginner, make sure you can write code with a text editor, compile in a command shell using javac.exe, and run in a command shell using java.exe. You’ll have to have a thorough understanding of how CLASSPATH works.

The problem I have with using an IDE is that it doubles the things you don’t know anything about. Best to keep things simple when you’re starting.

There are lots of free IDEs for Java. Most people like Eclipse or NetBeans, but I’d recommend that you give IntelliJ’s community edition a look. I think it’s the best IDE by far.

It’s possible to set up Textpad so you can compile and run inside it for simple problems.

Source : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4559770/which-is-the-best-ide-to-use-for-java-for-beginner


I think drjava will do fine…given the simple interface it offers.

I would advice of using netbeans its so sophisticated and if you forget codes of some important function no need to get up and look into ur book again it provides in built help that can get you all the codes and explain the purpose of the code.well its my choice rest its ur decision but i would say you should go for netbeans