What happened to July Lunch time rating?

August long time is about to start in a day or two. Yet we don’t have July lunch time ratings.

They have added this on July Lunch Time page… on 31st…

There is a delay from our end in calculating the ratings of July Lunchtime 2017. We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

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On other platforms (Codeforces,Atcoder) ratings are updated few hours after competition (at most 5),do anyone know reason behind this days-long calculation of rating?Ratings are calculated on codechef-prediction,just update them,really can’t see the problem…

You should follow this thread for explanation… https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/107429/july-cook-off-and-lunchtime-ratings

Things will be even more complicated if they don’t update ratings before start of august long challenge…

But why that will be?? They will just update rating in sequential manner…

I can place bets that cook-off thing has, in some way, caused a delay in lunchtime ratings. Last time ratings were updated within 5 hours (i think 2 am, not sure, when i woke up at 6 the ratings were updated).

Codechef is trying to give a instant update to ratings after Long, cook-off and lunchtime. But one issue pops up soon after other and this process gets stuck for sometime.

I can understand if you’d had said “before end of Aug Long” because that would have meant increased homework for them. Why do you think so that things will be complicated for them if ratings arent updated before tomorrow?

The July CookOff ratings are still not updated …??

Its declared unrated :frowning:

I hope the ratings will be updated before the August Long.

Why?? man … :frowning:

Lunchtime ratings are updated. Question being closed, hence.

Read announcement section for details, its well mentioned there :slight_smile: