What do you think of New Codechef Goodies?

I am relatively new here and want to have a constructive discussion. I am amazed by the new Codechef goodies, given that Codechef is Non- Profit Organization.

Any suggestions are also welcome!

What I think is, CodeChef is doing a great job by giving out Goodies. It not only motivates coders, but also helps them work more hard, to win contest and stay on top.

Just look at the quality of Goodies - 3Doodler Create 3D Pen,Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G, GoPro Karma Drone etc. Codechef has improved quiet a lot in these years. From Marketing to Branding, they have improved on all aspects.

Nice work Codechef!

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No doubt CodeChef is doing a great job, aspiring new coders, beginners in India and rest of the world.

To buy CodeChef goodies you need a specific amount of laddus i.e. 750 laddus for CodeChef T-shirt. CodeChef is a non-profit organization, as we all know they don’t ask for money to host a contest on CodeChef, anyone can organize their own competitions. Goodies encourage young coders, school students. There are a lot’s of ways you can earn laddus and buy your desired goodie.

Want to know more about goodies click the link given below…


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@only4 We can get bottle at 250!

Sure… :slight_smile:

There are many goodies and I wish to have some.This can be done by participating in contests obviously.

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Sorry but I feel I am missing the point of the question. Is this to discuss about codechef goodies and recommend changes? Or just a thread to gather opinion?

Well either ways, I hope it helps-

Its true that codechef’s goodie system evolved a lot. If you search and look at older post/threads, you’d see the magnitude of change it underwent. The goodies look nice, I agree. But sometimes I feel that things look nicer at a distance.

Well, I know that not everyone would like what I say, but I feel it should also be conveyed, as cons should be addressed with pros for constructive growth.

I very well admit that codechef has done a remarkable growth w.r.t. its capacity and goodies. And i know that they are working very hard to make it better. The present scenario is MUCH better than what i read about in past.

But i think some things should be addressed-

I personally feel some of them are overpriced. The bag costs 500 laddus and doesn’t have a laptop sleeve. For a coder who has to travel to and fro, this reduces the usefulness of the bag as my laptop is one of my major companions even in the light travels.

I feel that t-shirt should be priced at 200-300. Every contest at other sites give T-shirts to top coders, but for a codechef T-shirt one will have to work hard for 3 contest. Yes, a lot more “swag” and reputation to brag about among coding friends, i kind of miss the point of keeping it at 750 if we disregard the bragging part. I mean…why 750?

And seriously don’t know about the pen for 1000 laddus. Did anyone buy it? How was it? Is it just a single pen?

If we look at the fantasizing part, i.e. drones, 3-D pen, kindle, they are really costly w.r.t. laddus.

20,000 laddus for drone. Well, if a professional coder gets in Top 10 for all 3 contests a month, he gets 900 laddus that month. That’s 10800 a year. 14400 if he places in discuss too. And considering more approximations, that’s ~16000 a year.

You need to work for more than a year to buy it with laddus. And placing in Top 10 for all 3 contest a month and top 5 in discuss for every month is kind of ideal situation.

I don’t wish to criticise anything, i just wish to highlight this issue of overpricing. I understand if codechef, being a non-profit organisation, cant help on this issue, but yeah, i felt i should vent out this grievance.

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@vijju123 question edited!

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Codechef discussion session is not a place to discuss your personnel opinion. So please don’t discuss any such type of questions here