what do i do

hello everyone.
i am very new to codechef.
i had heard a lot about it but never got the chance to understand it .
i am in grade 9 so help me with some of my questions,

  1. where do i learn all the tutorials.
  2. where do i learn each and everything.
  3. how do i get into teams.
  4. how does the raiting system of each coder work

thank you

  1. There is a post on the forums named “Data Structure and Algorithms” . Give it a search, it should help you a lot. It has links to all relevant algorithms
  2. What do you mean by each and everything? Your language’s STL, or anything related to competitive coding, or data structure, or what?
  3. You can either form a team and send invite to other person, or get invited by someone else to form a team. Teams are needed for contests like snackdown etc. For codechef long, cook-off and lunchtime, you dont need a team as its solo.
  4. Rating system works like, lets say you have a rating X. Then it calculates that “What should be your expected rank in this contest?”. If you get a rank better than expected rank, ratings increase, else decrease.

All the questions have been greatly answered by vijju. Follow this link which is mentioned by him and you’ll find what to learn and where to learn the topics from:

Data Structures and Algorithms

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My suggestion is codemonk will be pretty much useful for beginners like you. Go through this link https://www.hackerearth.com/practice/codemonk/

You will find topic wise tutorials and some questions for practice.