What do Challenge, Peer and School problems mean here?

I get Easy, Medium and Hard, but what do the other problem categories mean?

well peer section contains problem from external contest(external colleges organize them and codechef just act as a platform,rank will not get improve) and school contains problem from lunchtime contest(held by codechef for school going kids but anyone can take part)

There is just one more category “peer” which has problems of external contests, these are those organised by other companies or college on codechef.

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Here is the details of all the sections in Codechef.

PRACTICE section holds all the problems that was ever held on codechef in any contests including LONG,LUNCHTIME and also EXTERNAL contests.

PEER section contains problems from external (college/companies) contests that was hosted on codechef as a platform.

The other types in practice sections are EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, CHALLENGE and SCHOOL.

After completion on any LONG or SHORT (also known as COOK-OFF) contest, the problems are moved into practice section and classified into (according to their difficulty level) Easy, Medium or Hard.

LunchTime contests are moved to school section after completion.

Note: all the problem solutions in practice sections are open to public.

There are two types of contest categories:

Internal Contest held by Codechef itself, that are:

– Long Challenge

– Short Contest

– Lunch Time ( For school students )

Problems from these contests are moved to

-- Easy (Contains All easy problems from above contests except Lunch Time)

-- Medium (Contains Easy-medium or medium-hard problems from above contests except Lunch Time)

-- Hard (Contains Medium-hard or Hard problems from above contests except Lunch Time)

-- Challenge (This section contains challenge problems from long contests)

    --> For example in December'14 Long Challenge Problem KALKI was a Challenge problem so Challenge section  contains all such Challenge Problems from Long Contests.

-- School (Lunch Time Problems are moved to this section)

(2) External Contests hosted on Codechef by different Colleges or Organizations or ICPC Practice Sessions, etc

For example some of the recent contest are:


Code Currents 2015

CodeSurf 2015, etc

You may find all of them on this Compete Page.

And these problems are moved to PEER Section.

Hope your doubts are cleared… :slight_smile: