What are the problems to be completed in the practice sessions so as to be ready to compete?

Is it the easy session/medium/expert session in the practice to compete?

@saikiransunny i suggest that first you make your concept clear than you can practice .

Practice the easy problems and try to solve the medium also…

Happy Coding!!!

As @upendra1234 already said, you first need to gain some concepts and also the get the hang of the syntax used by online environment(may differ from whatever we are tought in school colleges coz they use Borlnad Turbo etc.)

But, you can give a shot at Peer problems section first as well. These are problems which do not generally require advanced algorithms. Little knowledge of math and applying little brains will help you crack the question easily :slight_smile: I’m suggesting because it will give you a boost. As you can solve them easily and also you will learn most important points about submission rules and syntax.(sharing personal experience)

And no matter which section you solve, it will be advisable to solve in number of submission’s order ie. solve the problems which are already solved by many people and has many successful submissions as, they might be easy.

And slowly when you solve a few questions, you can start exploring new algorithms( topcoder or codechef tutorials are a good place to be) and then take part in various competitions.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

If you’re clear with input and output formats and basic control flows, jump to the contests directly, analyze your mistakes by reading editorials.

Check the contest pages of past few months - June Cook-Off, June Challenge, May Cook-Off etc. to get the real feel for problems.

From each contest start with problems with maximum submissions and solve as many as you can. If stuck, read the editorial or ask for help.

Good Luck!

What is editorial?!

Hello @saikiransunny,

@betlista gave a great answer to this same question which you can find here!!

Maybe it can answer your question!

Also, regarding your comment, editorials are texts which are published after the end of a contest, where the solutions and an analysis for all problems is done :smiley: They are very appreciated here by everyone and they are, imho, one of the distinctive features of Codechef :smiley:

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When contest is over, tutorials are published to describe setter’s/tester’s approach, so if you did’n solve the problem in contest, you can try with this help.