What are the problem sections Challenge and Peer?

Easy, medium, hard are arranged by difficulty. School section is the new one introduced. What are these 2 other sections in practice?

Challenge is the section which has the CHALLENGE problems of the LONG contests…in the long contests it is used as a tie breaker problem…!!!

These challenge problems can have many solutions as the correct ans…but the most optimal ans gets the best points and the rest are given points relative to that solution…that is partial points are given…u may get a score ranging from “0-1” !!!

Peer is the section that has all the problems of the external contests that are hosted on CodeChef…!!!

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  • Challenge section
    has the collection of problems where the best solution receives the score of ‘1’ and other solutions receive a fraction of the score based on the formula provided in the program. These programs are used in long contest to decide the winner.(see previous long contests to get a clear idea)

  • Peer Section has the set of problems which are from the external
    contests conducted on codechef.

enjoy coding :slight_smile:

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So harder than the hard problems?

So harder than the hard problems?

no not necessarily…in challenge problems it is easy to score in the range 0-0.5 further gets a bit tougher!!!

Peer is a mixed bag…it has tough as well as easy problems…also some external contests may use the practise ques…but many are new!!!