What are the different compilers provided during acm

What are the different compilers provided during acm?

According to ACM page:

The programming languages of the regional contest will include C/C++. Additional programming languages may be used. The programming languages of the World Finals are Java and C/C++. Prior to the World Finals, the judges will have solved all problems in Java and C/C++.

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i want to know whether code::blocks or any similar compilers are provided during regional finals so that i could learn programming in it and be familiar with the environment .

actually Code::blocks is IDE not a compiler (gcc is a compiler ) i think code blocks is provided…


thank you

Here’s last years Asia-Amritapuri regionals list (judging by your location this might be relevant)

OS: Linux Ubuntu 8.04
Language: C/C++/Java
Compilers: gcc/javac
Version: gcc - 4.4.3; javac 1.6.0-26 -jdk6.0

Command Line:
g++ -Wno-deprecated -w filename.cpp
gcc -w -lm fileame.c
Compile: javac -g:none -Xlint -nowarn filename.java
Execute: java -client -Xmx64m filename


  1. vim 7.2.330
  2. gedit 2.30.3
  3. emacs 23.1.1
  4. kate 3.4.5
  5. kdevelop 4.0
  6. NetBeans 6.8
  7. Eclipse 3.5.2
  8. CodeBlocks 8.02


  1. gdb 7.1
  2. ddd 3.3.0
  3. valgrind 3.6.0


  1. linux man pages
  2. Java documentation
  3. C++ STL