What are Superusers?

@admin, What are SuperUsers on the discuss community?

Can you provide a list of the active Superusers?

What are the privileges granted to the SuperUsers?

Are the users with red diamonds along with their name superusers?example:https://discuss.codechef.com/users/37438/errichto

On what parameters are users assigned the superuser status? karma, rating?

Please shed some more light on this.

Reference: https://blog.codechef.com/2014/11/18/the-new-karma-system/

“We invite all the superusers as well as regular contributors to comment on the changes and feel free to let us know if something needs to be tweaked.”

PS :topic was suggested by @vijju123 and @only4 in the comment section of some other question. I merely started this thread.


I think it might refer to “Top Contributors”. Maybe they were called ‘Superusers’ in the ancient times (The post is of 2014). A clarification from @admin would be surely helpful.

Definitely not else people like @vijju123 would have those red dots. I guess it refers to those people who r member of the codechef team.

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They are the admins.

You can have a look on the profiles of @admin and @skbly7

They have more priviledges than the normal contributors, for example they can suspend people as well


Why would admin ask their opinion after implementing something? Don’t they discuss it with their team before the actual implementation?

Seems Legit. I have also seen some peoples account saying things like suspended by skbly7 and such stuff

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Democracy @abdullah768 :smiley:

Everyone’s opinion matters, because at the end it’s not for codechef’s team but for the people using codechef :slight_smile:

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But on what basis was @skbly7 assigned the superuser status? There are many users on the community with a lot of karma but aren’t superusers.

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His Facebook profile says he was an intern at Directi, maybe that’s why he is a superuser!

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If that’s the case then they should really assign some new superusers like @vijju123 @mathecodician who are fairly active on the community and also have decent karma.

I’ve seen a diamond symbol at the end of some usernames like @admin, @skbly, @dpraveen, @darkshadows maybe these diamond users are superusers.

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I did some brainstorming over this.

At first i thought its some top users with very high karma, but immediately rejected it as there are users like @kuruma with very high karma and still no such stats.

What i came up with, that there must be an @admin (The central head) and superusers working under him (like @skbly7) to assist him in forum management. And its highly possible that superuser stats is given mostly to interns or “staff” of codechef only, as the privileges could only be entrusted to some trustworthy member. (The main issue is, “What if the superuser starts to misuse his power?” That the reason why i think that superuser is given only to staff/interns).

While i dont know about if they would make anyone supersuer or not, or the criteria for it, i can only say that the admins need to be a bit more active and show/assure us that they are. The main reason malpractices occur is because those people feel that admins are inactive/wont do anything. I strongly feel that if @admin are much more prompt in assuring/showing that an action is being taken, the malpractices would reduce exponentially. The last time @admin was online was yesterday, i feel that they should atleast check/have a look at discuss once in a while.