Welcome to the CodeChef For Schools 2015 Internship Discussion group

Welcome to the CodeChef For Schools 2015 Internship Discussion group. This group consists of those members who have been selected to intern with us for our CodeChef for Schools Initiative. This group is created with the purpose of solving all the doubts pertaining to this internship.

Please find below the Objective, Tasks and the Guidelines of this internship to have a broader perspective.


As you may be aware that as a part of our CodeChef For Schools initiative, we want to promote and facilitate learning programming among the high school students in India.


For this we need help in various areas to improve the content on our website focussing towards the learning of the new young programmers. Our existing content is focussed very much towards advanced programmers as when we started, we only targeted the college going community. However, that needs to change now. We have identified the following tasks to be part of the changes that we need to do.

  1. Create mapping script for Test data for showing failed test case. Read all about it [here][3].
  2. Writing Editorials: We have a huge collection of problems but many of these do not have sample solutions or editorials. This task will involve solving these problems, and write editorials for them. In the process, you will also have to classify problems based on the difficulty level as well as pre-requisites for solving each problem. The guidelines of writing editorials can be viewed [here][4]. All the editorials on CodeChef can be found [here][5] for reference.
  3. New Learning Module: We are trying to build up a course module, that will help a beginner learn programming assisted by submitting problems on an online judge which in our case will be the CodeChef platform. We have compiled a [list of problems][6] that we need to upload on priority. We need to do the following:
    • Upload the problems
    • Write editorial for these problems,
    • Write Solutions (python, java, c++, c) and submit them on the forum.
    • Collecting good written/video tutorials for different beginner level topics
    • Compiling a list of cool sources to learn the common languages.
  4. We also want to conduct more frequent contests to provide a practice ground for our users. We want you to upload problems that have appeared from other contests and sites.
    • Problems from past IOI/INOI contests
    • Problems from past ACM ICPC World finals contests
    • Problems from past ACM ICPC Regionals contests
    • Problems from other contests

Internship Guidelines:

  • The tasks assigned will have a lenient estimate of the amount of time required to accomplish.
  • One week’s certified work will contain 12 hours worth of work and you are allowed to complete the task as per the pace you’re comfortable with.
  • If you wish to work more than 12 hours/week then you will be assigned additional tasks and no. of hours of work will be credited accordingly.
  • If you are unable to work for a long period of time, i.e for more than 5 days or so, then we would want you to inform us about the same by sending an email to intern@codechef.com
  • The internship certificate will be awarded based on the amount of work you do and the time you spend doing it, i.e it will be independent on the number of days you spend working.

Feel free to write to us at intern@codechef.com should you’ve any questions or need additional clarification.