Welcome to the Amrita ICPC Summer Camp 2015 Discussion group

Welcome to the Amrita ICPC Summer Camp 2015 Internship Discussion group. This group consists of those members who have been selected for the camp. This group is created with the purpose of having all discussions pertaining to the camp activities.

The training camp will be held from 28th June, 2015 through 4th July (approximately), 2015 at Amrita School of Engineering (ASE), Bangalore. Selected candidates should be present at ASE Bangalore and attend the training camp. A nominal fee of INR 350 per day must be paid for the accommodation and food at ASE Bangalore campus. We plan to make the camp accessible to all students, but also aim at covering some advanced topics like fundamental circuits, network flows, Euler circuits, Mobius inversion formula, Convex hull optimiszation, treaps/splay trees, persistent data structures, Aho Corasik, Z Algorithm, Knuth’s DP Optimization, Divide and Conquer DP Optimization, rotating callipers, ballot theorem, partitions, quadratic residue, inclusion exclusion, sterling numbers, primitive modulo, meet in the middle, square root decomposition, baby step giant step, LU Decomposition, Cayley Theorem, Kirchoff matrix, block trees, etc.

The trainers will be:

Arjun Arul (CMI WF 2012, 2013)
Surya Kiran (IIT Roorkee, ICPC WF 2014, 2015)
Sundar Annamalai (IITM WF 2015)
Ajay Krishna (IITM WF 2015)
Karthik Viswanathan (IITM WF 2015)

Selection for this camp will happen based on the consistency of performance in the Codeforces/Topcoder/CodeChef and other contests. Also preference will be given to those who have attended the previous ICPC world finals or IOI/IMO/IPhO Training Camps and are eligible to compete for 2016 World Finals.



June 28th, Sunday - Karthik Viswanatan
June 29th, Mon - Sundar Annamalai
June 30th, Tue - Arjun Arul
July 1st, Wed + July 2nd, Thurs - Ajay Krishna
July 3rd, Fri + 4th, Sat - Surya Kiran


Should we have a brief intro to all these topics mentioned before hand or would you be starting from scratch?


@sidhant007: Most of the topics I am going to teach do not need any particular previous knowledge, but its good if you do little home work by yourself before the camp, so that you can have a better understanding.

I would suggest you to go through the following useful links of my topics:

Convex Hull Trick : here and here

Mobius inversion formula : here

I will add more links soon.


What are the camp timings?

No fft ? Or fft isn’t an advanced topic? :open_mouth: