Welcome to INOI 2015 preparation group.

Welcome to the INOI 2015 preparation group. This group consists of those members who have qualified for INOI 2015 to be held on the 31st January 2015. The details of this contest and the selection of the candidates can be found here: http://www.iarcs.org.in/inoi/2015/.

We want you to win the Gold medal for India at the IOI finals. Last year, Akshat won it for us. And this year, if you do so, we have something in store for you. You can win exciting prizes through our Go For Gold program.

We want you guys to give it your best shot in the next round. This group is to help you towards that. The senior students of Computer Science Engineering from the CodeChef community will be helping you out to solve your queries related to preparations for the INOI.

All the best!

PS: If you know someone who is left out and wants to get added, please fill in this form. He will need to fill in his Roll Number along with the CodeChef username. If he does not have a CodeChef username, then he will need to create one by registering here.

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