Welcome to DPS Ruby Park Tech Club

Welcome members,

We are more than happy to welcome you as members to our startup club in our school, Tech Club. We hope you contribute to this community as much as you can and also don’t shy away from asking for help.

This post will be about the details of the club(You can also find it in the About Us section in the club website). Firstly, the Executive members of the club are the ones that form the Core Committee and will be coordinating all the activities regarding the club. The members are:

  1. Teacher coordinators:
    • Dhrita Ma'am
    • Sudarshan Manna Sir
  2. Competitive Programming:
    • Istasis Mishra(@ista2000)[Head]
    • Akash Agrawal(@akash9702)
    • Harsh Raj(@toharshrocks1)
    • Amogh Agrawal(@amogh_ag)
    • Divyam
  3. Development:
    • Soumya Lahiri[Head]
    • Aritra Mondol
  4. Quizzing:
    • Mayank Kanoria[Head]
  5. Multimedia(Photography and Videography):
    • Adhiraj Agrawal(@adhiraj_09)[Head]
    • Richik Bhattacharya(@richik2000)
If you have doubts regarding anything in general, you can email any of the heads(Again you can find contacts in the about us section), or rather ask here on Codechef Discuss. You are likely to be answered by someone if you ask here on discuss. There is a separate post for details of each department made by the department heads.
  • Competitive Programming
  • Development
  • Quizzing
  • Multimedia
You will also find a separate post here on discuss about the code of conduct to be followed to be a part of discuss([link](https://dpsrpktechclub.discuss.codechef.com/questions/114081/welcome-to-codechef-discuss)). Note that you will be banned(Or suspended temporarily based on the severity of your actions) by the moderation from using discuss if you fail to abide by the rules mentioned in the code of conduct post.

We hope you prove to be a valuable asset for the club. Thank you. :slight_smile: